Panorama Swap


Why Panorama Swap?

We prioritize simplicity and user experience as well as security with the lowest possible fees. Panorama Swap is built on Aleph Zero , which enables the lightning fast swapping of assets on demand due to sub-second block confirmation.

Core Features

Panorama Swap’s core functionality revolves around enabling users to swap tokens and create liquidity pools in a permissionless manner. By removing intermediaries, Panorama Swap provides users with direct control over their assets, fostering a decentralized and secure environment for trading. Furthermore, the platform offers various avenues for users to generate yield, such as staking PANX tokens, providing liquidity to pools, and participating in yield farming opportunities.


To support the development and growth of Panorama Swap, the team conducted a seed event, during which participants could purchase PANX tokens. The seed event required a minimum investment of 500 USDC and a maximum investment of 5,000 USDC, with a PANX token price of 0.1 USDC. The event successfully raised 290,000 USDC, resulting in the sale of 2,900,000 PANX tokens. The seed event’s allocation will be released to participants gradually over approximately 11 months, following a vesting schedule.

Why Aleph Zero?

Panorama Swap chose to build its platform on the Aleph Zero blockchain, a highly innovative layer 1 smart contract solution. Aleph Zero offers exceptional advantages, including high throughput, lightning-fast confirmation times, and privacy features that obfuscate swaps, protecting users from transaction reorganization attempts by block producers. The scalability and privacy features of Aleph Zero make it a reliable foundation for Panorama Swap, ensuring a smooth and secure user experience.

What is AMM?

Automated market makers form an integral part of decentralized exchanges, eliminating the need for intermediaries in crypto asset trading. Panorama Swap operates as an AMM, enabling users to create and contribute to liquidity pools easily and securely. Through the automated processes, AMMs facilitate efficient price discovery and enable seamless token swaps.

Yield Farming

Panorama Swap offers users the opportunity to engage in yield farming, a popular DeFi practice that allows individuals to earn additional tokens by providing liquidity to specific pools. By staking their PANX tokens and contributing to liquidity pools, users can earn extra yield, further incentivizing participation and providing an avenue for passive income generation.

Supported Wallets

To ensure a user-friendly experience, Panorama Swap supports various wallets. Users can connect their wallets through the following options:
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