Panorama Swap


Next generation decentralized crypto platform built on Aleph Zero

Panorama Swap
Panorama Swap


Decentralized exchanges (DEXs) enable peer-to-peer cryptocurrency trading, bypassing centralized intermediaries. They provide users with more asset control and lower the risk of hacking compared to centralized exchanges.

Panorama Swap is powered by Aleph Zero, a blockchain platform built for fast, scalable transactions. It employs a unique DAG structure for efficient processing and low fees.

Panorama Swap’s decentralized architecture enhances security and transparency, while DAG ensures speedy transactions and scalability, appealing to traders seeking reliability and efficiency in a DEX.




An automatic market maker (AMM) in Panorama Swap facilitates coin and token trades by creating a liquidity pool and using a mathematical formula for execution.

Wallet management

Panorama Swap wallet management involves effectively overseeing cryptocurrency funds, which includes monitoring transactions and analyzing asset performance.

Speed and security

Utilizing advanced tech like Aleph Zero as the protocol for censorship-resistant apps is wise. Its high throughput (up to 70,000 TPS) and sub-second block finality ensure near-instant trade settlements. Panorama Swap and Aleph Zero’s unique DAG architecture ensures efficient transactions and low fees.


Panorama Swap enables DEX trades, allowing users to swap cryptocurrencies without intermediaries. It offers advantages like enhanced security, transparency, asset control, lower fees, and faster transactions, appealing to efficient crypto traders.

Multi-chain (coming-soon)

Panorama Swap, a multi-chain DEX, lets users trade cryptocurrencies across various blockchains. Unlike single-chain DEXs, it offers access to a wider range of assets and blockchain features. This is valuable for traders seeking diversification or leveraging specific blockchain ecosystems.

Multi-sig wallet

A multisig wallet mandates approval from multiple parties before executing a cryptocurrency transaction. It operates by necessitating multiple private key authorizations before broadcasting the transaction to the blockchain.



Q2 2022

Initial product front page launch. Commence pre-sale for initial investment.

Q3 2022

Launch the first iteration of Panorama Swap.

Q4 2022

Introduce vesting program feature Introduce liquidity creation feature

Q1 2023

Re-launch using ink! 4.0 on testnet Panorama Swap.

Q2 2023

Re-brand Panorama Swap main website.

Q3 2023

Integration of Astar blockchain as second network in Panorama Swap.ג



Yonatan is a multi-talented individual with a passion for technology, blockchain, and online gaming. With 6 years of development experience under his belt, he excels in crafting innovative solutions that push the boundaries of possibility. Over the past 3 years, Yonatan has focused on smart contract development, immersing himself in the world of decentralized systems.


Liad is a skilled marketing professional with extensive experience in CRO processes, advanced PPC tactics, and automation strategies. Over the past six years, Liad has successfully implemented these techniques in various digital projects within the blockchain and e-commerce domains. With a focus on leading projects for digital brands and optimizing online performance, Liad is driven by the exciting potential of digital transformation. As a digital marketing specialist, Liad is dedicated to leveraging the power of technology to create impactful changes in the digital landscape.


Asaf Louk is a seasoned full-stack developer with a decade of experience under his belt. With a deep passion for AI and technology, he constantly strives to stay at the forefront of the ever-evolving industry. Asaf’s zest for life is contagious, fueling his drive to create innovative solutions and embrace new challenges with enthusiasm.


Joy is a talented full-stack developer with four years of experience in the field. With a mastery of API integration, Joy excels in connecting smart contracts to websites, ensuring seamless functionality and integration. Beyond his technical skills, Joy’s vibrant personality shines through, making him a super funny and enjoyable teammate to work with.


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